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BDSM and Bondage Scene - Nina Toubale



££££ Looking for a good time? HERE I AM ££££



 Nina Toubale  - Brighton Media Studies - University of Brighton   Nina Toubale  - Brighton Media Studies - University of Brighton   Nina Toubale  - Brighton Media Studies - University of Brighton   Nina Toubale  - Brighton Media Studies - University of Brighton

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First Profile Create mid 2014, deleted end of October 2016


Nina Toubale  - Brighton Media Studies - University of Brighton

Nina Toubale  - Brighton Media Studies - University of Brighton


Second Profile Created sometime around 2014

Nina Toubale  - Brighton Media Studies - University of Brighton



There are roughly 5,000 Fetlife users around Bright and Hove. Great for Discreet Encounters.


Many use aliases and fake locations, so people will not find out.



Excerpt from Profile:

  • kinbaku/shibari/rope bondage

  • forced orgasms, orgasm denial, orgasm control

  • "good girl. now suck your cum off my cock"

  • -em-'s torturous rope

  • abduction play

  • asphyxia,

  • bdsm,

  • breath play,

  • collaring,

  • d/s,

  • device bondage,

  • electrotorture,

  • hexasexualism,

  • obedience training,

  • power exchange,

  • predicament bondage,

  • pursuit, take-down & capture,

  • sensory deprivation,

  • suffocation with plastic bags,

  • turning mind fucks into mental gang bangs!,

  • turning vanilla girls into dirty little sluts


  • AND MORE!.




Masochism, Massages, Master/Slave, Masturbation, Medical Play, Medieval Devices, Mental Bondage, metal, military, military interrogation, Military Uniforms, Mind Fucks, Mistress/slave, mistresses with strap-ons, mommy/boy dynamics, Mommy/girl, Monogamy, Multiple Orgasms, mummification, muscle worship, Muscles, music, Mutual Masturbation,
necks, Needle Play, Nipples, Nudity, Nun/Priest Play

Gagging/Choked by Cock, Gags, Gangbangs, Gas Masks, geeks, Geisha, gender play, genital piercings, genital torture, Glass Dildos, Glasses, glory hole, gloves, Goth, graphoerotica, Grooming, group sex, hair, hair bondage, Hair Pulling, hairbrush spanking, Handcuffs, handjobs, Hands, Hanging, head shaving, hemp rope, Hentai, High Heels, High Protocol, Hojojutsu, hoods, hook suspension, Hot Oil Massages, human ashtray, Human Doll, human furniture, human toilet, Humiliation




The Girl: on display

It was a night like any other, nothing special save the congregation of good people and favored activities. The masters, Jay & Tee, sat together on their favorite couches where friends could stop to converse or pause for brief salutations. The masters had a slave apiece, Elle & Kay respectively, sitting on the floor at their feet, alert and ready to provide their owners with any desired service.

The girl was displayed, bent at the waist over a spanking post. Her toes just met the foot rests at the bottom. A favored Top, Vee, had been assigned to attend the girl, to assure she presented and provided lusty entertainment for the evening. Vee secured the girl's wrists to the upper forward segment of the post so that she could hold onto the hand rests while also hanging her upper torso down in such a way that arched her back, thus presenting her cunt and ass for bare moist display. The Top adjusted the position of her feet to widen her stance opening her cunt for viewing pleasure.

At a cue from master Jay young Elle jumped up and hung a placard from the higher post segment. It faced away from the girl and her audience so that passers by could read, "Pinch or Fondle at your pleasure". The girl was denied her sight and hearing and thus unable to identify any who might take such pleasures from her body.

Vee's hands caressed the girl's flesh from ankle to hip, from shoulder to thigh warming her skin. With direction from the masters fingers lingered to tease the lips of the cunt, to rub the clitoral head, to entice the cunt to open its slick shiny folds.

The Top took a step back, and a moment to enjoy the view, then took aim. The crop landed a steady stream of stinging lashes to the fleshy bits of the girl's cunt. An occasional welt appeared on her ass. The girl lurched into the post each forceful little assault. The sight of this abuse to her cunt, the blush from both arousal and warming, of light bruising and red welty spots, of puffy lips becoming ever wetter with arousal combined with the girl's grunts and moans in undeniable pleasure had the intended results.

Elle and Kay enthusiastically serviced their masters' sexual needs while Jay and Tee continued to enjoy the show. Casual conversation in the dungeon ceased while hands, fingers, mouths, and cocks became otherwise engaged. The occasional guest stepped forward to fondle the girl's as yet unattended bare flesh. Her nipples were tugged, pinched, and pulled.

The girl reached orgasm but found the assault on her body was not to stop until the masters had reached their climax. Even then it was only the crop which stopped its assault. The girl was moved from the spanking post to a bondage table. She was again bent over at the waist but was allowed to rest her upper torso on the cushioned table. Her arms were allowed to rest under her shoulders only so that her breasts could still be fondled. Her legs were strapped against the bondage table legs to ensure she gave open invitation with her cunt. Friends and slaves alike were permitted to fuck her with flesh or toys, again for the viewing pleasure of the masters.


Kassem Toubale, Léa Toubale, Pierrot Ducrot, Timothé Mercat, Yacine Toubale, Nadia Nuseibeh, Nolie Gaudesaboos, Camille Mercat, Tim Mercat, Oumaima El Idrissi, Ella Joy Lawrence, Reuben Hunt, Katie Lindsey Smith, Georgia Harris, Lee Beevers, Charlotte Sleet, Jessamy Lelliott, Kai Gittos, Stephanie Kirk, Becca Hawkins, Stephie Palmer, Athene Xenia Aristocleous, Charlotte Scott, Mel Dodd, Caitlin Thomas, Dee Wasielewska, Alio Flos, Joely Thompson, Lilah Kate Smallwood, Milena Deparis, Tameka Gowan, Jack Seales, Rossella Bittichesu, Tashana Elainé Judson-Saul, Max Lewis, Hannah Schmitt, Rowanne Sampson, Lois Olding, Shannon O'Neill, Lerryn Martin, Alice Burns, Adam Cope, Alex Hawkins, Cat Russell, Milly Gilmore, Hafsah Jalloh, Alex Hartley, Tom Williamson, Ashraf Uddin, Jack Murphy, April Stewart, Jess Mckerlie, Helen Scott, Lewis Compton, Divya Dullip, Crystalle Cox, Samia Awad, Sophia Barron-Edgley, Sophie Dobrev, Matt Pourzand, Dario Pourzand, Mehran Pourzand, Sharona Pourzand, Dinda Maharani Zulkarnain, Kamran Pourzand, Helena Pourzand, Mehdi Bakhtiari, Raziyeh Bakhtiari, Hossein Ali Bakhtiari, Mahshid Bakhtiari, Ramin Nikolas Bakhtiari, Masoumeh Bakhtiari


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