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BDSM and Bondage Scene - Nina Toubale



££££ Looking for a good time? HERE I AM ££££



 Nina Toubale  - Brighton Media Studies - University of Brighton   Nina Toubale  - Brighton Media Studies - University of Brighton   Nina Toubale  - Brighton Media Studies - University of Brighton   Nina Toubale  - Brighton Media Studies - University of Brighton   Nina Toubale  - Brighton Media Studies - University of Brighton   Nina Toubale  - Brighton Media Studies - University of Brighton 

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First Profile Create mid 2014, deleted end of October 2016


Nina Toubale  - Brighton Media Studies - University of Brighton

Nina Toubale  - Brighton Media Studies - University of Brighton


Second Profile Created sometime around 2014

Nina Toubale  - Brighton Media Studies - University of Brighton



There are roughly 5,000 Fetlife users around Bright and Hove. Great for Discreet Encounters.


Many use aliases and fake locations, so people will not find out.



Excerpt from Profile:

  • kinbaku/shibari/rope bondage

  • forced orgasms, orgasm denial, orgasm control

  • "good girl. now suck your cum off my cock"

  • -em-'s torturous rope

  • abduction play

  • asphyxia,

  • bdsm,

  • breath play,

  • collaring,

  • d/s,

  • device bondage,

  • electrotorture,

  • hexasexualism,

  • obedience training,

  • power exchange,

  • predicament bondage,

  • pursuit, take-down & capture,

  • sensory deprivation,

  • suffocation with plastic bags,

  • turning mind fucks into mental gang bangs!,

  • turning vanilla girls into dirty little sluts


  • AND MORE!.




Caging/Confinement, Candle Wax, Caning, Caressing, Casting, catheters, Catsuits, CBT, Cell Popping, Chains, Chakra energy play, chaps, Chastity, Chastity Devices, cheerleading uniforms, Chocolate, choking, Cigars, Clamps and Clips, claws, Cling Film, clit pumping, clit spanking, Clit Torture, Clothespins, Clover Clamps, Clowns, Cock and Ball Torture, Cock Milking, cock slapping, Cock Worship, cocksucking, Collar and Lead/Leash, Collars, Consensual nonconsent, control, cornertime, Corporal Punishment, Corset Cinching, corset piercing, corset training, corsetry, Corsets, cosplay, Costumes/Dressing-up, Covert Bondage, crawling, creampie, crops, crucifixion, Crying, Cuckold, Cuddles, cum, Cunnilingus, cunt torture, Cunt Worship, Cupping, Cutting

D/s, Dacryphilia, Daddy Daughter roleplay, Daddy/girl, Dalliance fun at the TL, damsels in distress, decorative cutting, Deep Throating, Defilement, Degradation, Denim, Depilation/Shaving, Diapers, Dildos, Discipline, Doctor/Nurse Play, dollification, Domestic Servitude, Domination, Double Penetration, Douching, Duct Tape, human furniture, human toilet, Humiliation




The Twaveler's Collaring

Triggerdicklaimer: A drunk writer on the loose in an airport wrote this.

"You've come a long way, flown many miles, and learned the language."

I beam at the floor in pride, kneeling like a good girl.

"We'd be landing 3pm local," he says.

"Blah," I answer, "I hate Dulles. Takes forever, and your EZPass expired. Rush hour traffic and at the end of the month…? If we do Philadelphia and then National, we'll be right in the city."

"You just joined your fifth rewards program," he goes on. "And you've realized Delta isn't the true way unless you're stuck in one of their hubs."

I nod solemnly.

I buckle my seatbelt and scrunch my nose when I'm offered a drink. "I didn’t order that."

Her smile tells me she knows I'm new. "Part of Saga Silver, ma'am."

Oh yay, I'm speshul now.

"You've learned that time trumps comfort for short trips and vice versa."

I nod again.

I scowl at myself and the sadist for turning me into a twuist twaveler. Friggin' civilians everywhere who don't know how to navigate an airport. He curses the lack of leg room and screaming babies that come with low fare carriers, and I try not to think about Emirates business class. This is for the best, I remind myself. Because when you fly budget, they just throw you inside and then you're off. It's quick and painful. Good God, did that woman really just hand her child a bucket of cotton candy?

"You've discovered which airlines you prefer based on service, comfort, and terminal proximity," he continues. "You can pick an airport based on wifi access and lounges." Yeah, go to hell Shithole. I mean Schiphol. You too, Dublin. Sends flirty smile to Kastrup and Orly. "You also travel often enough that your sisters start a conversation by asking where you are, and distance doesn’t matter when there's a place or person you'd like to visit. Only time does. Additionally, you use your weather app to keep track of the time zones where your friends live. And since you have more friends in other countries than you do here…"

I hold my breath. This is it.

He hands me my phone. "My little traveler, you now have international wifi. Welcome to the club. Use your privileges wisely."


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