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BDSM and Bondage Scene - Nina Toubale



££££ Looking for a good time? HERE I AM ££££



 Nina Toubale  - Brighton Media Studies - University of Brighton   Nina Toubale  - Brighton Media Studies - University of Brighton   Nina Toubale  - Brighton Media Studies - University of Brighton   Nina Toubale  - Brighton Media Studies - University of Brighton   Nina Toubale  - Brighton Media Studies - University of Brighton 

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First Profile Create mid 2014, deleted end of October 2016


Nina Toubale  - Brighton Media Studies - University of Brighton

Nina Toubale  - Brighton Media Studies - University of Brighton


Second Profile Created sometime around 2014

Nina Toubale  - Brighton Media Studies - University of Brighton



There are roughly 5,000 Fetlife users around Bright and Hove. Great for Discreet Encounters.


Many use aliases and fake locations, so people will not find out.



Excerpt from Profile:

  • kinbaku/shibari/rope bondage

  • forced orgasms, orgasm denial, orgasm control

  • "good girl. now suck your cum off my cock"

  • -em-'s torturous rope

  • abduction play

  • asphyxia,

  • bdsm,

  • breath play,

  • collaring,

  • d/s,

  • device bondage,

  • electrotorture,

  • hexasexualism,

  • obedience training,

  • power exchange,

  • predicament bondage,

  • pursuit, take-down & capture,

  • sensory deprivation,

  • suffocation with plastic bags,

  • turning mind fucks into mental gang bangs!,

  • turning vanilla girls into dirty little sluts


  • AND MORE!.




Tattoos, Teacher/Student, tearing off clothing, Tears, Teasing, Tens Unit, threesomes, Tickling, Tit Fucking, tit slapping, toes and feet, toilet, toilet slave, tongue sucking, Tongues, Total Power Exchange, Touching, Toy Making, Toys, Trampling, transformation, Triple Penetration, Uniforms, Urethral Fucking, Urethral Sounds,

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Wartenberg Pinwheels, water torture, Waterboarding, Waterbondage, Watersports, Wax, webcams, whipping, Whips, WolfPlay, Wrestling, Writing Erotica, Zentai





The chauffeur opened the rear door of the limousine and waved Aisha into the dark leather cell. Aisha took a seat and Veronica sat opposite, her long legs spread full length across the other seat.

As the car started to roll Veronica offered a glass of champagne to Aisha who accepted but was surprised when Veronica refrained from drinking.

“You have really so upset Chantel, Aisha,” said Veronica.

“She has never liked me,” came the reply. “Since our days in Yale she has been spitting like a rattlesnake for revenge. I suppose with good cause.”

“I do not think that it was a good idea to provoke her though.”

“She’s just an old bitch with no teeth,” laughed Aisha. “Just because she married wealth she thinks that she’s the queen bee. Really she is all hot air, fat ass and silicone tits.”

“Well,” said Veronica, “as long as you know what you’re doing I suppose that’s all right then.”

Veronica relaxed into the soft leather, this was going to be an interesting journey.

“We have to drive for a couple of hours to get to the farm,” said Veronica as she refilled Aisha’s glass. “So relax and ask away. Me, I prefer to remain sober.”

“You are a farmer, wine or something special like that? Are we going to a vineyard?”

“No, do you want to play a guessing game or shall I tell you? Twenty questions was always a favourite of mine.”

“If you put it like that then I suppose a game is a little childish. So tell me,” said Aisha as she sipped the champagne.

“Simple, I am a slaver,” said Veronica with a straight face. “It might be more accurate to say that I part-own a partnership in a company that deals in slaves. The business side is very complicated really.”

Veronica paused for a moment when she saw the blank look on Aisha’s face before she filled in some of the details, “Actually normally I do not enslave. I act as the middle man with one of my partners, who acts as working manager, and do all the training and selling by auction, but every now and again I do put the fetters on the victims myself.”

Aisha just stared. She was not sure if Veronica was just joking or in some sideways, obscure way actually meant what she was saying.

“I don’t get it,” she said with a whisper. “You are serious?”


There was a brief pause in the conversation as Aisha tried to assimilate this strange information. The car rolled smoothly over the Long Island roads on it’s way towards the Hamptons, the chauffeur separated from his passengers by a screen of glass.

“You sell people? You mean that you run an employment agency?”

“No,” replied Veronica. “I buy people from certain sources, sometimes just people who owe and pay up with their bodies. Sometimes they are kidnapped to order.”

“Kidnapped?” breathed Aisha.

Suddenly she felt the interior of the car close in. A feeling of claustrophobia assailed her as she struggled to come to terms with Veronica’s immoral way of earning a living.

Veronica continued in a matter of fact way. “Like you order a car, Aisha. You decide make, model, colour, engine and optional extras. I get an order for a particular type of body, hair colour, skin colour, age and upbringing. I find a suitable person and train them to become the property of their new owner.”
“Train them?”



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