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BDSM and Bondage Scene - Nina Toubale



££££ Looking for a good time? HERE I AM ££££


Nina Toubal e - Brighton Media Studies - University of Brighton 


First Profile Create mid 2014, deleted end of October 2016


Nina Toubal e - Brighton Media Studies - University of Brighton

Nina Toubal e - Brighton Media Studies - University of Brighton


Abduction Play, Abrasion Play, Accents, Age Play, Anal, Anal Beads, anal chastity, anal hooks, Anal Sex, Anal Stretching, anal training, androgyny, anime, Anonymous Encounters, armbinders, armpits, Art Erotica, artistic cutting, Asphyxiaphilia, Ass Play, Ass to Mouth, Ass worship, attention, Auralism


Second Profile Created sometime around 2014

Nina Toubal e - Brighton Media Studies - University of Brighton



There are roughly 5,000 Fetlife users around Bright and Hove. Great for Discreet Encounters.


Many use aliases and fake locations, so people will not find out.



Excerpt from Profile:

  • kinbaku/shibari/rope bondage

  • forced orgasms, orgasm denial, orgasm control

  • "good girl. now suck your cum off my cock"

  • -em-'s torturous rope

  • abduction play

  • asphyxia,

  • bdsm,

  • breath play,

  • collaring,

  • d/s,

  • device bondage,

  • electrotorture,

  • hexasexualism,

  • obedience training,

  • power exchange,

  • predicament bondage,

  • pursuit, take-down & capture,

  • sensory deprivation,

  • suffocation with plastic bags,

  • turning mind fucks into mental gang bangs!,

  • turning vanilla girls into dirty little sluts


  • AND MORE!.


Chastity Journal 12/13

Had one more hour of buttplug while of course staying locked up and trying to watch porn of all things (lol can't knock the creativity of the assignment).

This was only my second time to try it, and while I'm getting more used to it, I still found it to be uncomfortable and quite the boner killer. That actually turned out to be useful in this scenario, as I was mostly just focusing on sitting there and not moving and being uncomfortable rather than being aroused by what I was watching, which of course would have become immediately miserable while being in chastity.

As much as I hate the plug though, I think I hate the chastity belt more. Waking up in the middle of the night with your stuff all sore easily beats sticking something in your butt for an hour on the discomfort scale, and it doesn't happen every day but still often enough that sometimes I even forget to bitch about it in these journals. It's just an uncomfortable part of life now.

Off to do assignment 2 now.




For the last few nights I have laid in bed thinking of nothing of you. Maybe it's because I want you or maybe it's because I'm finally seeing all the damage I have done. I've thought about the good times, the bad times, the fights, the arguments, the time apart, the i love yous and the I'm sorry's. And I'm starting to realize the damage maybe too great now. The I love you and I'm sorry isn't going to work. I'm slowly watching it drift away and it's breaking my heart, but it's something I caused because I was too scared to let you in because I had been so hurt before and not even by you, by others. I think the decision I made saturday was the best decision I ever made, however I'm wondering if its too late. Whatever happens I haven't given up yet.



Never assume

So back when me and my Daddy started having sex I told him a list of things I did not normally do so that he knew not to expe t them (he did the beams for me so we knew each others rabbits and didn't get offended.) One of the items on my list is that I very rarely give hand jobs. I have rougher hands so it takes longer for me to prep ( or I have to be in specific situations) to feel comfortable giving one. Now Daddy being silly as he is assumed it was because I did not know HOW to give a good Hand job. Never complained much because as he avidly proclaims I give amazing head. Well tonight one such occasion when I felt comfotable doing a hand job arose as me and him took B bubble bath time together and. I started getting sly and playing. This came as a huge surpirse to him as in his eyes I went from knowing nothing about it, to giving him a hand job that made him have to rest afterward to recover. I think he learned. A good lession. Just cause someone says they don't/don't usually do something doesn't me they can't!





Saran Wrap, Satin, Scarf bondage, Scarification, Scent, schoolgirl, schoolgirl uniform, Scratching, Seduction, Self-bondage, Sensation Play, Sensory Deprivation, sensual domination, sensual play, Sensual/slave dances, sensualism, Service, Service-oriented submission, sex, Sex During Menstruation, Sex In Public, sex in the cemetery, sex in videostore porn rooms, sex magick, Sex Online, sex with strangers, sexual objectification, sexual slavery, Shackles, shaving, Shibari, shoes, Silk, Single Tail Whips, Sissification, sissy panties, sissy training, Skirts, Slapping, Slave Bells, slave tattoos, slavery, sleep, sleepsacks, sleepy sex, sluts, small penis humiliation, small tits, Smoking, smothering, snuggling, Socks, sounds, Spandex, Spanking, speculums, Speech restriction, spiritual bdsm, Spitting, Spreader Bars, Squirting, staples, Stockings, Strap-ons, submission, subspace, superheroes, suspension, Suspension Bondage, Swallowing, sweat, swinging, Switching, sybian,



Kassem Toubale, Léa Toubale, Pierrot Ducrot, Timothé Mercat, Yacine Toubale, Nadia Nuseibeh, Nolie Gaudesaboos, Camille Mercat, Tim Mercat, Oumaima El Idrissi, Ella Joy Lawrence, Reuben Hunt, Katie Lindsey Smith, Georgia Harris, Lee Beevers, Charlotte Sleet, Jessamy Lelliott, Kai Gittos, Stephanie Kirk, Becca Hawkins, Stephie Palmer, Athene Xenia Aristocleous, Charlotte Scott, Mel Dodd, Caitlin Thomas, Dee Wasielewska, Alio Flos, Joely Thompson, Lilah Kate Smallwood, Milena Deparis, Tameka Gowan, Jack Seales, Rossella Bittichesu, Tashana Elainé Judson-Saul, Max Lewis, Hannah Schmitt, Rowanne Sampson, Lois Olding, Shannon O'Neill, Lerryn Martin, Alice Burns, Adam Cope, Alex Hawkins, Cat Russell, Milly Gilmore, Hafsah Jalloh, Alex Hartley, Tom Williamson, Ashraf Uddin, Jack Murphy, April Stewart, Jess Mckerlie, Helen Scott, Lewis Compton, Divya Dullip, Crystalle Cox, Samia Awad, Sophia Barron-Edgley, Sophie Dobrev, Matt Pourzand, Dario Pourzand, Mehran Pourzand, Sharona Pourzand, Dinda Maharani Zulkarnain, Kamran Pourzand, Helena Pourzand, Mehdi Bakhtiari, Raziyeh Bakhtiari, Hossein Ali Bakhtiari, Mahshid Bakhtiari, Ramin Nikolas Bakhtiari, Masoumeh Bakhtiari



University of Brighton, Media Studies, Brighton UK, Wah Kiki ,

PRYZM Brighton, Brighton Rox, Shooshh Brighton, Husky Events, The Arch Brighton


Nice 'n' Naughty - Brighton, TABOO (Hove Branch) - Hove, LUST! - Brighton,

Private Shops UK - Brighton, She Said - Brighton, TABOO - Hove, Brighton, Hove Stripper Strippers,

Clone Zone - Brighton, Ann Summers - City Centre, Brighton, Massage Brighton - Brighton, Brighton Filth BDSM




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